Zola Taylor

Zola Taylor was born in Los Angeles California on March 17, 1943, Taylor began her recording career as a solo act, cutting "Make Love to Me" for the RPM label in 1954. That same year, she joined the girl group Shirley Gunter & the Queens, recording with them a series of singles for the Flair label. The Platters, seeking to create a vocal group with more elegance and sophistication than the average R&B act recruited Zola. Taylor was an integral element of The Platters success. Dubbed "the Dish," her physical allure was no doubt a major reason the group was a Hollywood fixture, appearing in a series of films including “Rock Around the Clock” and “The Girl Can't Help It”. In 1984 Zola made headlines when she laid claim to the royalties of Frankie Lymon, the pop idol author and singer of the 1950s classics “I’m Not a Juvenile Delinquent” and “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?”. Taylor said she and the underage Lymon had been lovers and that they had later married in Tijuana, Mexico. But she was unable to produce a marriage certificate and one of two other women claiming to be Lymon's widow was awarded his estate. Halle Berry portrayed Taylor in the 1998 Lymon biopic “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”. in 1965 Illness ultimately forced her into retirement in 1996. Taylor died in Los Angeles on April 30, 2007.